AMG-Company focuses its trade work in four areas:


Promote trade as a vital component to our regional economy and opportunity for growth:

Educate community and businesses on benefits of international trade;

Give a voice to the international trade community;

Support policies adventageous to international trade activity;

Connect businesses with state and federal officials who can assist in trade related issues.

Trade Relations

Make connections for local businesses with foreign trade groups, international governments, and global companies:

Strengthen existing relationships and build new ones with foreign businesses, governments and trade groups;

Connect businesses to outbound trade missions;

Host foreign delegations;

Be the “Welcome Center” and first stop for foreign nationals who come to the region and want to connect with governmental and industry leaders.


Trade Education

Education events and activities for businesses seeking to expand their export activity and for those wishing to break into the export market:

Discover foreign markets;

Learn what is needed to take products or services to foreign markets;

Updates on changing trade regulations;

Information on how business is done differently from country to country.


AMG-Company provides services to businesses that assist in their day-to-day trade operations:

Connections to trade resources and mentoring;

Certificate of Origin documentation;

Matchmaking between local businesses and international customers & suppliers.

Certificate of Origin documentation
Matchmaking between local businesses and international customers & suppliers
Preparation of declarations, collection of necessary documents


Support the retention and creation of local jobs by assisting companies in expansion into global markets;

Enhance the regional economy through programs that increase exports;

Promote the importance of trade to the regional economy and advocate for advantageous trade policy;

Provide services and resources that help businesses execute the delivery of their product to foreign markets.